About Bob Harris' Flying School:

The company started as Hinchinbrook Air Services and has been operating in North Queensland since 1971. Founders of the company were Bob and Joy Tait.

From the outset, H.A.S specialised in flying training, as it was felt that most other flying schools were more interested in higher profits to be made from charter flights than in training.

H.A.S. never resolved to cancel a flight training booking for a charter and went on to gain an Australia wide reputation for their dedication to flight training and high training standards in both aviation theory courses and flying training.

The company was taken over by Bob and Carole Harris and their dedication to the flying training industry remains until this day. In 1998, the flying training division of H.A.S. became Bob Harris' Flying School, but still operates under the H.A.S. umbrella.

These days there is an impressive list of ex-students who fly for the major airlines, regional airlines, the military and all sectors of the General Aviation industry. Just as impressive a list of private pilots also gained their licenses at Bob Harris' Flying School.

Bob Harris has been the C.F.I. of the company since 1979. He has been flying since 1966 (commercially since 1972) and has many thousands of hours flying to his credit.

Bob is an independent Approved Test Officer (appointed by CASA) and holds test approvals for all aeroplane licences as well as night VFR, instrument and instructor rating issue and upgrades. He regularly tests students for other flying schools and also tests many of North Queensland's instructors.

Ask anyone who completed their training with H.A.S./Bob Harris' Flying School and they will tell you of the benefits of the training they received. We offer no gimmicks to get your business, but we do offer our record. We've got alot of runs on the board.

Whether your aim is to become a recreational pilot or an airline pilot, you need to very carefully consider where you get the most value for your dollar.

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