There are no licensing requirements to start your flight training.
After your first lesson though, you should apply for an ARN (Aviation Reference Number) and book in for your Class 2 (for private pilots) or Class 1 (for commercial pilots) medical certificate, as you will need those before your first solo flight.
Click here for the ARN Application form, and click here to see a list of DAMEs (aviation doctors) near you.
   RPL Recreational Pilot Licence

-Formerly known as GFPT, this qualification enables you to carry passengers in flying school aircraft while operating in the vecinity of the departure aerodrome and in the local training area.
-Students require an average of 30 hours flight time to achieve this qualification. There are 3 theory progress examinations and a flight test for this stage.
   PPL (A) Private Pilot Licence

-Enables you to act as pilot in command in private operations. A flight review with a flight instructor within the last 2 years is required to carry out the privileges of this licence.
-Students require an average of 65 hours flight time to achieve this qualification. There is a PPL cyberexam, a Radiotelephony exam, and a flight test for this stage.
   CPL (A) Commercial Pilot Licence

-A CPL qualifies you act as pilot in command of an aeroplane engaged in commercial operations.
-Students have to pass 7 exams and need to accummulate 150 hours total (of which 70 hours in command) to qualify for the CPL flight test.
   NVFR Night VFR Rating

Can be added to a Private or Commercial Licence to enable flight at night in VMC (Visual Meterological Conditions).
   IR SEA/MEA Instrument Rating
Single Engine Aeroplane or Multi Engine Aeroplane

Can be added to a Private or Commercial Licence to enable flight in Instrument Meterological Conditions (IMC).
Initial training is done in our approved Category B Synthetic Flight Trainer. This significantly reduces the cost of the instrument rating. Subsequently, students progress to instrument flight in a single engine aeroplane (Cessna 172), and finally in the multi engine aeroplane (Beechcraft BE76 Duchess) if desired.
   FIR A G3 Flight Instructor Rating

Can be added to a Commercial or higher licence to enable the holder to give flight instruction for others.
   FIR A G2/G1 Flight Instructor Rating Upgrade

These courses can upgrade a FIR to a higher grade or add additional privileges to the rating eg. multi-engine training approval or instrument training approval.
    Career Pilot Course

The candidate realistically qualifies for employment in the aviation industry with a Commercial Licence, Night VFR and Command Instrument Rating and/or Instructor Rating.

Manual Propeller Pitch Control (MPPC)
Retractable Undercarriage (RU)
Initial multi-engine endorsement or for subsequent multi-engine type endorsement.
Tailwheel (TWU)

GNSS Courses

We conduct both GNSS enroute courses and RNAV/(GNSS) non-precision approach training. Contact us for a suitable course date.

English Proficency Course

We can assess your English language proficency for the purposes of issuing a CASA licence. Assessments are made on a one-on-one basis with our CFI.

Aircraft Radio Operator's Certificate of Proficiency

If you or your staff need to use an aviation radio for contacting company aircraft or to operate vehicles airside, we can provide you with the training necessary and issue your AROCP.