One Stop Solution

Charter flights:

The charter branch of the company, Hinchinbrook Air Services, has commercial aeroplane pilots and aircraft available for flights ranging from short scenic flights to charter flights to anywhere in Australia.

We have a range of aircraft available for charter flights, including high wing aicraft, ideal for aerial photography, fish or flaura/fauna spotting, inspections or survey work through to multi-engine all weather aircraft for day or night passenger or freight charters.

Examples of destinations we often serve are Palm Island, Coen, Horn Island, Normanton, and stations in central Queensland.

Aerial Work Flights:

Our company Air Operators Certificate, issued by CASA, authorizes our company to conduct charter flights anywhere in Australia and the following Aerial Work operations:

Aerial Spotting: Marine/fish, flaura, fauna.

Aerial Surveying: Environmental, pipeline, property.

Dropping: Food & fodder relief, messages.

Inspection: Power line.

Charter and aerial work flights requiring aircraft that are not available
in our normal fleet can be arranged.

You can use our contact form for all enquiries,
or call us on (07) 4061 2241.