Cessna C152

The Cessna C152 is our ideal ab-initio trainer. Students will typically fly 30 hours in this aeroplane before transitioning on to the C172.

Seats: 2
Cruising speed: 100 kts

Cessna C172

The C172 line of models is the world's most produced aircraft since 1956.
It needs little introduction. It's faster and more spatious than the C152, and at Bob Harris' Flying School we use it mainly for PPL and CPL cross-country training, command time building, and single engine IFR training.

Seats: 4
Cruising speed: 115 kts

Cessna C182

A C182RG can be arranged for retractable undercarriage and CSU endorsements.

Seats: 4
Cruising speed: 155 ks

Beechcraft BE76 Duchess

The Beechcraft Duchess is an ideal initial multi engine trainer. Popular at flying schools across the world, it has 4 seats and cruises at 150kts. At Bob Harris' Flying School we use it for advanced CPL training and multi-engine IFR training.

Seats: 4
Cruising speed: 150

Piper PA34-200T Seneca

The Piper Seneca is available for training or charter.

Seats: 6
Cruising speed: 160

Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon

The Decathlon is an ideal aeroplane for tailwheel endorsements and also aerobatic training and displays.

Cruising speed: 100

Other aircraft can be arranged
on request.